7-Network of Black Professionals Launches as Part of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Commemoration

AUTHOR: Treasa Bowers, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

As the nation takes a moment to celebrate the vision, life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., I’d like to share a few thoughts about what this day means to me personally, as well as from my perspective as 7‑Eleven’s Chief Diversity Officer.

Dr. King would have turned 92 years old this year, and yet his message is more relevant today than ever. Most of us know Dr. King as a pioneering civil rights icon who dedicated his life to social justice and human rights, helping our great country make significant strides in racial equality, economic justice and peace through nonviolent means.

For me, and countless others, he symbolizes even more than that – a shining example of a life dedicated to helping others, guided by the true spirit of a servant leader. Dr. King demonstrated an unwavering belief that people can, and should, strive to do better as individuals and collectively as a society. With great humility and empathy, he helped people of all backgrounds understand that universal progress can only happen when we understand and celebrate our differences.

Dr. King also never lost sight of the bigger picture: to create a better world for future generations by focusing on service, doing what’s right, and answering what he called life’s most persistent and urgent question, “What are you doing for others?” And I believe that’s a question we can all ask ourselves not only today, but every day.

I’m proud that 7‑Eleven stores are an integral part of the diverse neighborhoods we serve. Our business model is based on the empowerment and success of small business entrepreneurs regardless of race, gender or background. To ensure an inclusive customer experience and workplace, we encourage 7‑Eleven Franchisees and team members to bring their unique perspectives, talents and contributions to work every day. In our quest for continuous improvement, we strive for equality and are committed to doing even more — because we know it’s the only way we can continue to grow and innovate, both as a brand and as a society.

In honor of Dr. King’s legacy, we are also introducing the 7‑Eleven Network of Black Professionals (7NBP), a new corporate associate resource group dedicated to making 7‑Eleven the preeminent choice for black professionals looking to build a successful career while supporting the company’s priorities, objectives, and brand values. It’s another small step in our ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion journey and one I’m very excited about.

As we look ahead to Black History Month in February and further reflect on Dr. King’s legacy, we’re encouraging Franchisees and 7‑Eleven team members to celebrate with us by following the posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. I know that Dr. King’s message and work continues to influence and comfort so many is proof that his legacy lives on. And for that, I am eternally grateful.