Operation Chill - encouraging postive behavior

police officers visiting with child

A tasty reward for staying cool – that’s the Operation Chill program. This 7‑Eleven community outreach program is designed to reduce crime and enhance relations between police and youths.

It allows law enforcement officers to reward kids they observe doing good deeds or exhibiting positive behavior with drink coupons. The coupon is good for a free medium Slurpee® at any participating store.

Now in its 25th year, Operation Chill has grown to include more than 1,150 local law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada. Over 23 million coupons have been distributed to officers on the beat in cities and towns where 7‑Eleven does business.

In addition to encouraging positive behaviors, Operation Chill provides opportunities for officers to establish a positive connection with kids in a neighborhood. The reasons for being rewarded are varied, but the result is the same for every child: a free Slurpee drink and a smile for a good deed.

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