7‑Eleven is the global leader in the convenience store industry – and for good reason! Our constant focus on growth and innovation has pushed boundaries and helped redefine business standards. Through our award-winning private label, 7-SELECT, and the introduction of our 7‑Eleven and 7now apps, we are completely transforming how consumers think about convenience.

Our success is made possible due in part to our understanding of the importance of diversity in business and our focus on building a team of individuals with unique backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, while continuing our pursuit of making franchising accessible for all.

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Knowledge and Skills

At 7‑Eleven, we are invested in making sure that each and every one of our Franchisees is provided with the resources required to successfully run their stores. Whether it’s opening a single location or multiple, all Franchisees will receive training and guidance to prepare them for the journey ahead. From in-class education and on-site, skills-based training to providing them with a personal field consultant, our extensive support system is here to help new Franchisees every step of the way!


Being a 7‑Eleven Franchisee is about more than just selling! From the moment a Franchisee opens their doors, they are at the helm of a cornerstone of their community. By owning a 7‑Eleven, Franchisees have the opportunity to connect with their communities and get to know their consumers’ tastes and preferences. That’s why we allow our Franchisees to customize up to 15% of their inventory to fit those needs.

Profits and Stores

Before the ribbon is even cut, 7‑Eleven is here to help Franchisees get started on their franchising journey! Our internal financing program offers qualified Franchisees the opportunity to finance up to 65% of their initial franchising fee. We also alleviate start-up costs by taking care of real estate, zoning, store build-out and equipment installation.


Leadership is a key characteristic of 7‑Eleven Franchisees. By giving our Franchisees control of recruiting, hiring and developing their team, we allow them to create the atmosphere and determine the best ways to motivate their employees! Speaking of leadership, we believe that the skills and experience that Veterans gain during their time in the service often make them great Franchisees. That’s why we are so invested in providing financing options that make franchising more accessible for our former servicemen and women.

Veterans Franchising

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We believe in the power and importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the 7‑Eleven family. We proudly display this on our social media channels, where we celebrate holidays that shine a spotlight on diversity, showcase the successes of our Franchisees, and support diverse leaders in forging their futures.