Your Up-Front Investment

Average costs vary depending on stores and locations, but generally look like this:

  • Initial franchise fee (varies by store)
  • Training expenses (varies)
  • Down payment on the store’s opening inventory (approx. $20,000)
  • Supplies (approx. $1,000)
  • Business licenses (varies by state)
  • Permits (varies by state)
  • Bonds (varies by state)
  • Cash register fund (approx. $2,500)
  • Grand Opening fee
  • Insurance costs

Plan for the Future

The Lewer Companies have been available to 7‑Eleven Franchisees for over 30 years to offer independently owned and operated franchise locations an array of optional business services, including:

  • Business owner financial and retirement planning
  • Health insurance options
  • Employee benefits and programs

Lewer also works with existing Franchisees and helps prospective Franchisees make the transition to business owners. This includes providing information on how to potentially use existing retirement assets to fund the purchase of a franchise.

Apply Now


If you’re serious about franchising, and if you qualify, you can take advantage of 7‑Eleven programs created to help qualified Franchisees succeed.

If you qualify, 7‑Eleven has an internal program that provides up to 65% financing on your initial franchise fee. This program, which is uncommon to most franchisors, also provides an open account (or financing) for the inventory purchases and operating expenses of your store. The amount financed generally fluctuates from month to month based on your sales, inventory, purchases, operating expenses, and withdrawals from your store’s open account. Your Franchise Sales Representative can provide you with additional details.

Financial Responsibilities for Traditional Franchises

Average costs vary depending on stores and locations, but generally look like this:

We Pay For:

  • Real property & building rent or acquisition cost
  • Certain equipment purchase or rent
  • Real property taxes
  • Select utilities (electric/gas/water/sewer)
  • Certain building maintenance
  • Certain equipment replacement costs
  • 7‑Eleven advertising
  • Initial training material on store operations
  • Bookkeeping and back-office support
  • Certain inventory audits
  • Product development and merchandising assistance
  • Ongoing business advisory assistance

You pay for:

  • Payroll, payroll processing expenses, and payroll taxes for your employees
  • Workers’ compensation and any employee benefits you choose to offer for your employees
  • Business taxes and licenses
  • Indemnification and insurance
  • Cash and inventory shortage
  • Store supplies and miscellaneous store expenses
  • Equipment maintenance and overall general repairs
  • Outside property maintenance and landscaping
  • Telephone (store line only)
  • Janitorial and laundry services
  • Security expenses
  • Grand Opening
  • National advertising fee and local store advertising expenses
  • Interest expenses
  • Other operating expenses
  • All taxes other than real property taxes

Gross Profit Split

We’re invested in your success. Not only do we share in gross profits with our Franchisees, we also offer tools and resources that can help your profitability.

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